Living in a castle as the Fitzgerald family did may be a dream of many, a dream which if you have a few spare pounds you can experience today. Today there are many ways to experience the little island which has become famous amongst golf fanatics all across the globe. This for the great challenge which the greatly designed course which runs though the most beautiful landscapes one can imagine. Everything from self-sustaining modern lodges to the opportunity to actually stay in the current castle build is available.

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Currently the Waterford Castle is famous for the golf course which has been built by current owners. The course runs right across several hundred acres of natural green pastures and woodlands, which makes this one of the most desirable locations on the planet for fanatic golfers. Paying testament to this is the several big championships which have been held there attracting some of the greatest golf players we have seen. If you are a golfer yourself, there is also luxury accommodation and an annual golf club membership available should you fall in love with the challenging course which so many players have done before.

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The Little Island is as the name suggests not very large, however with over three hundred archers of green land, should you have the ability to see it, you will not live to regret it. The wildlife inhibiting the island if exuberant nature, and of course the history of the land can be felt though the presence of the magnificent castle.

The current building is part of the new castle build performed by the Fitzgerald family who were the owners for the land for several generations and it’s exquisite nature cannot be described in words.

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As the family which lived in the Waterford castle for a long row of generations you can today enjoy the latest build of the Castle as well as modern conveniences. Across the land some deluxe suites and lodges have been built by the current private owner. Here there is no need to worry about overcrowding, the land has kept is cultural value and the green landscape thanks to the high respect paid by those who own it now. If you have the opportunity to visit the castle you will have the chance to live in modern luxury and feel the richness of the land.

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You will be able to locate a long row of different launches and events at the Waterford Castle, previously owned by a wealthy family by which it was built and inhabited. Here the history and feeling of the land has been preserved and respected by current owners who have developed it further as so to make the beautiful spaces available and accessible by those who can and wish to visit. Amongst other things a famous happening here has been world championships in golf, as the course which runs through the beautiful nature scenery and has been designed by a known and respected former professional golfer.

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After the castle was taken over by private owners, there has been a row of small developments ensuring that the green pastures of the island on which it is situation can be utilized by persons. One of the more regular occurrences these days are event such as weddings. And of course the greenery, the rich wildlife and the cultural history of the space provides one of the most beautiful and desirable venues for such a great significant event in any relationships progression.

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With only minor modern development taking place on the Little Island, here some very few deluxe accommodations can be found for those who has the privilege of being able to enjoy it. Unlike a vast number of places around the globe the modern developers have respected the land and the cultural richness it holds. Finding yourself in the rich green spaces of the Island is something which now can occur with the conveniences and luxuries of modern living. Of course this is an experience to be had if there is opportunity to, one highly recommended by those who have visited this magical place.

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Places of true profound nature which are easy to visit for families these days are hard to find, and few of them are so close to home as Waterford Castle. On the little Island, you can find a historically significant place, rich in natural life and greenery. The castle, once home to a family of validity and virtue still stands. In modern times the land has been subject to modern development, but only as far as a few structures which provide a modern living and with the developers respecting the wildlife and the cultural heritage of the land, the long history of human family life there can still be felt.

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The Sunday lunch has been an activity which has lived though times in the Ireland and the UK. With few places better to enjoy such a lovely tradition, the Waterford Castle offers many opportunities in the current day to enjoy fine dining and timeless landscapes. The high class Fitzgerald family who owned the lands in recent history has been sure to enjoy a number of great Sunday lunches in the castle. Carrying this tradition on is something that current more modern developments have placed in place of high importance.

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For any team, and team building activity, no matter of what type. There are few greater things then being somewhere where you are close to nature, close to the land, and close to mother earth. On the little Island you can find these features very much alive. The undisturbed landscape holds history and knowledge far beyond description of words. Here an unusual experience on a land rich in cultural history can be found for those searching for it. The current development has produced modern facilities, but with a minimalistic yet luxurious approach, leaving the ambience of the vast landscapes intact.

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