Finding a classical and traditional style without the likes around the globe, the Fitzgerald Waterford Castle provides the most enriching setting for eating, hiking, relaxation and of course golf if that is something that you are interested in. And in times which are current you can find all the modernity you need to find a convenient and luxurious stay. The castle has been the home of the wealthy Fitzgerald family for generations, and with the latest additions of high class golf courses which runs through the green pastures, current private investors have made it in to a true green paradise. “Well worth a visit” Tom from IKLocks.

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In today’s modern face of the Waterford Castle area there have been many holiday homes developed. These structures are relatively new and although the reason for the development can be questioned, they are made with a wonderful design, and placed discreetly as to not disturb the beautiful landscape. Made for those who were looking for an escape to be close to nature, means they are few and far apart with services installed to ensure the area is kept clean. On top of that they are also in line with regulations keeping the integrity of the nature and wildlife of the green island. “Great place”, Damien local Tradesman.

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“The importance of tea is no secret and as you may know this is not a new tradition”. One which many generations of the Fitzgerald family also enjoyed. Which gave rise to many spaces made for this specific activity during their time. Both for enjoyment of the scenery, as well as for being suiting of good company and conversations. Many rooms in and around the Waterford castle can be found which were and are perfect for this highly sophisticated activity, and one could imagine what it would be like to live and drink tea in earlier times. “after all it’s the history you want to see” Simon, an emergency locksmith from Enfield on a business trip, Business trip.

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The Golf scene which grew

In the beautiful park and woodland of the island a golf course was developed. One which is to keep with the space, and which respects the beautiful environment there. It was designed by the former Ryder cup player Des Smyth, and was opened in 1992. The Course runs though some of the best natural features of the island, and covers a vast area giving opportunity for a tranquil activity and ability to enjoy the rich scenery and wildlife of the island. It’s also known to be a challenging golf course in which has to this day seen many championships with golf players of the highest calibre from around the world.

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The structures and area

Adjacent to Waterford castle you can find a large and beautiful area of green. In recent years and since the land was sold to private investors many lodges in the gardens have been finished to a modern standard. However much of the original beauty is still preserved. And although these lodges are used for tourism, they are subject to limit of usage to ensure the ambience of the area is preserved and not destroyed. Of course it can be discussed if this sort of tourist occupancy is good or bad, however the way it’s often seen. Is that with respect to the cultural heritage the space can be kept in a good way, and it’s in actuality good to stop other more destructive types of inhabitation.

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The greenery of the island is no secret, and of course with the wide pastures and beautiful views which can be encountered on the little island, it’s no wonder that the wild life there is a rich and vibrant one. For anyone who is interested in animals, hiking and nature this is a true paradise of richness. Close to the Waterford castle you will be able to find a wide variety of birds other animals, not to mention the high density of different greenery. With the help of the Gulf stream the mild climate creates a sphere of uniqueness, fascinating, educating and inspiring.

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Green fees are of course in place on the island to be able to ensure that the nature is kept in good check as well as keeping the green to the high calibre it has earned the great reputation that it holds. Situated on the little Island and with one of the most beautiful castles crowning the land, there are few golf courses in the wold with such a special feeling to it. On top of that the course itself is known as one of the most challenging one in Europe, so if you are feeling confident, don’t hesitate to give this one a try.

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If you are finding yourself in the search of some of the best golf courses which planet Earth has to offer, then one which should definitely land in your top picks and choices should be the famous and most exquisite course which can be found on the historical Fitzgerald family land of Waterford Castle and the little island. Designed to provide a challenge to any seasoned golfer, and having seen many championships this course is nothing short of prime calibre. Recommended by the golfer who have tested its wide variety of trying feats.

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Should you wish to get in touch, please don’t give it a moments hesitation. Here we are always more than happy to hear from you, and if you have any questions with regards to the website, or the castle which is ever so dear to us, and the wildlife which exists on this most wonderful place of the Little Island. Please bring your questions here, we always aim to help people in finding out information and history with regards to cultural places, especially castles of grand nature, and specifically the Waterford Castle.

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In the current face of the castle, there are several features which promote an extravagant golf culture, one available to those with good fortune or exceptional golf skills. Features which often come together. If you are one of the sort there are clubhouses, pro-shops and a driving range. That not having mentioned the world famous fabulous golf course which runs across the beautiful scenery. It’s a great way to experience golf and nature at the same time in a modern, efficient and luxurious manner.

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