The Sunday lunch has been an activity which has lived though times in the Ireland and the UK. With few places better to enjoy such a lovely tradition, the Waterford Castle offers many opportunities in the current day to enjoy fine dining and timeless landscapes. The high class Fitzgerald family who owned the lands in recent history has been sure to enjoy a number of great Sunday lunches in the castle. Carrying this tradition on is something that current more modern developments have placed in place of high importance.

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For any team, and team building activity, no matter of what type. There are few greater things then being somewhere where you are close to nature, close to the land, and close to mother earth. On the little Island you can find these features very much alive. The undisturbed landscape holds history and knowledge far beyond description of words. Here an unusual experience on a land rich in cultural history can be found for those searching for it. The current development has produced modern facilities, but with a minimalistic yet luxurious approach, leaving the ambience of the vast landscapes intact.

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For those who have the ability to, visiting is of course a must. And to enjoy your stay on the Little Island it may be fun to know about the Waterford Castle which crowns the majestic ambience of the land. Here the Fitzgerald family resided for many generations and with the time the Castle were also rebuilt after its destruction. The latest, and current standing castle still have still been standing for a long time, and the detail in design and beauty pays testament to the love and dedication which was put in it.

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There are few islands in the world which are as the beautiful Little Island. With the stunning Waterford Castle and the natural green richness is something which can compare to the most beautiful nature reserves around the country. The vast landscape is for the most part untouched by modern progress, and the development lead now by private investors is always aiming to keep the history and culture of the island as intact as possible. With only a few available lodges and a high class golf course available, the land the and wildlife which inhibits it exists keeping a magic ambience.

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In a place as rich as the island where the Waterford Castle is situated, there are of course many activities to be done. Many of which reflect what has been occurring there for many years in history. The family of Fitzgerald which have lived there for many years would have been sure to enjoy many of same activities of being close to nature, having sophisticated discussions over tea and much more. All of this can still be experienced in this vastly historic place, with some addition of modern activates available, for which the facilities have been developed over more recent years.

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A place which has been accredited the title of one of the most beautiful and culturally rich places for families in Ireland is the Little Island and Waterford Castle. Here you can enjoy the beautiful richness of nature as well as let the land educate you to its history, much like the previous inhabitants, the Fitzgerald family. With the greatest ambience it provides a calm environment to learn both from within and without.

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For those who enjoy golf, there is the famous golf course which has been constructed by a known golfer on the little Island. The land used to be owned by the wealthy Fitzgerald family but has been sold to private investors who with great respect to the nature has helped developed the famous gold course which not only provides one of the toughest challenges for golfers around the world, but also gives the player one of the most stunning sceneries to play in. This course has also seen a number of championships and big player competitions, in spite of it being a relatively young one.

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Just like the Fitzgerald family had some of the finest food cooked for them by chefs of the highest calibre, today there are similar experiences to be had. You can be close to the land, watch a landscape and a panorama which few has seen should you have the required funds for such a venture. Being able to enjoy modern fine dining in such a historical and naturally rich place is indeed a privileged experience to be had. The wonderful nature around the Castle is stunning and the wildlife wide and varied.



The vast green pastures which can be seen from the Waterford Castle are part of the land and the history of this magnificent place. Many persons of great importance have spent enriching time in this place, where inner and outer peace can be found. You may have heard of how rich the green wildlife of Ireland is, and of course the Little Island is no exception. The Fitzgerald family was the owners of the land for many generations and cared greatly for the structures and the land which was built with beauty in mind. If you have the privilege to visit the castle you will soon know the magic of the place and the vast surrounding landscape.

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There are opportunities in the modern day to see, enjoy and experience the Little Island though luxury accommodation provided by the current private owners of the land. However, besides that there is the luxury of the nature and the pure privilege it is to experience such rich a rich place.

Not only is there wonderful wildlife to be seen and heard, but the long history of the place still live though the senses. Visiting is a must if one has the opportunity to, and being able to wake up in the vast landscape with the smell, sounds and ambience of a place of such cultural richness and historical validity is an experience to remember.

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