The History of Waterford Castle

You can find the great new build of the castle with an exquisite display of workmanship and engineering. The new build of the castle still stands today, and with the several hundred acres of beautiful landscape stretching out right next to it, there is no question to why such a location was chosen by the Fitzgerad family who inhabited the estate for many generations. It’s a prime example of good taste, and to this day it stands strong and is restored and taken well care of by private investors. “A great place to visit for family or business, we visited as a team and found it wonderful”. Richard plumber Bristol from the UK.

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The wide and wonderful reasons to visit

green golf and beautiful land scape

You don’t have to search long for finding reasons to visit a place known not only for the great landscapes and sceneries which can be encountered. Spaces which can only be fully understood though experience, and never to be accurately recounted by words, or even images.

Should you have the opportunity to visit Ireland, there is a must to also take a tour to the little Island where the monumental castle of the Waterford stands. Having been home to a family known throughout the recent history who cared greatly for the land and for its building it becomes obvious upon visit that there is something particular and special about it.

There is an array of different scenarios from the rich rocky coast line to the deep forest sizzling with life, and of course the well renowned green wide pastures. No matter what you are in search of, you are guaranteed to find, in some form what you are looking for. It has been said by many visitors that the little island and the castle there holds secrets of history, and speaks its wisdom though its ambience and the awe which instils anyone present there.

Should you have questions with regards to the country or the island, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team here, we are interested, immersed and always happy to share what we know. There are also other good websites dedicated to the cause of providing information of this type of wonderful places. Of course we are advocates of this particular place, which we see as a complete luxury to be able to visit, however there are countless number of places in Ireland and the UK which are well worth a visit, which you might be surprised to know is unknown to the most part, even to the people who live in the countries.

Feeling inspired by history

inspired by history

Few places across the British Isles are better to really experience the weight of history. With the castle in excellent condition, the detail is exquisite and what it does to your senses is an experience to remember.

There are a wide variety of activities that you can engage with should you decide to come for a visit including anything from long wonderful and rich walks, observation of the stunning wildlife and the experience of the scenery. Something which may be extra relevant to you as a painter, poet or artist of other kind. Seeking inspiration is a continuous challenge for any person, it is today understandable that people can get bogged down by the stresses of life. At times it can be good just to take a break and get away from the grey every day scenario to find yourself and your motivation.

Should you be on the lookout for a change of scenery, why not choose a beautiful historical setting where you have access to all which the green little island has to offer. Fresh air, golf activities, fine dining in a castle owned, restored and maintained once by the great Fitzgerald family.

Whose care for their home shines though in the extensive work which has gone into every stone, decoration and structural design of the place. Indeed an experience to be had, for anyone who is searching to rest up, find inspiration within themselves and though their environment.
Take your chance to visit before it’s too late, the world is changing around us and there is no telling how long this magic place will be kept intact with all the history and energy it contains.