The Fitzgerald Waterford Castle

Welcome to Waterford Castle

This castle is a house with a long story in an island ironically known as the little Island in Ireland. The Fitzgerald family was owned for hundreds of years and was passed down for several generations, however in the 1980 it was purchased by a developers and turned into a hotel. The house itself is in a beautiful Gothic style and the new build was made in 1895, which replaced the older run down family home. The design of the lastly built house was designed by Romayne Walker and the construction is mainly in unrefined rubble stone with a great Irish style. The castle is well known and with its beautiful look and feeling it keeps a great ambiance and remains culturally valuable despite the commercial use it came to exist under.

the fitzgerald waterford castle



The riches of an untouched landscape

For the most beautiful natural scenery, and to experience being close to the land, the little island is indeed a place to visit. There are few areas in the world today untouched by modern society, and the grounds which the historical Waterford castle is situated is most definitely one of these. Untouched by the modern development, with the exception of a few luxury cabins and a golf course, the riches of the land lay silent and untouched. Finding yourself on these rich green fields, or in their brushes is a privilege of the dearest kind, and here you will be able to hear the land speak.

waterford castle green landscapes and historical land

The air of the little island is inhabited with the scent of earth and greenery, such as can only be found in naturally rich ecosystems which have been left to develop alongside our modern life, without being ruined by it.

Living in one of the cabins developed by private investors if you are a golfer will allow you to travel though the course across the over three hundred acers of natural greenery whilst enjoying the activity of the game. But there are of course also opportunities to do trekking, bird watching and many other things in which you can experience nature and scenery specific to the island.

A golf course without like on this planet

Although it may not be conjoint with the ideals of all those who have interest in the land on the little Island, one of the most famous and well known features to crown the space is the world famous golf course. Available to golf enthusiasts, especially the successful and the lucky ones, the course can be enjoyed as part of a holiday, or resort. What is worth bringing up is although private development stood for the building of the course, great respect has been payed to ensure that the sanctity of the land has been kept, and with great effort disturbance to the historical landscape has been left as untouched by modern development as possible.

waterford castle world famous golf courseOver 300 acers of beautiful green landscape and wildlife is covered, and if you are a golfer looking to play here, you will no doubt have the experience of a lifetime. With its unique geographical position the warm and humid climate has given rise to a vast landscape covering all shades of green, and inclusive of a great diversity of life. Many ornithologists and bird watches treat the land here as a paradise of richness. And of course with good reason, the sights and spices of wing baring animals that can be found and observed here are numerous and of great variety.

No matter if you are a golf enthusiast, a fascinated bird spotter or just someone who loves nature and hiking, the little Island and Waterford castle is definitely one for the bucket list. The rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery will no doubt take your breath away should you take your opportunity to visit.

The wonderful beach of the Little Island

the little island beach and waterford castleThere are many features of the Little Island which can only be known though experience, and of course one can see pictures and images, however they fall a great distance short in comparison with the real thing.

There are smells, winds, views, sensations and of course the long history of the place which can only be felt when one is present in the flesh. Often we speak about the great green pastures of Ireland, and often there are great and wonderful worlds about the castles, of course including the Waterford Castle which is one of the greatest still standing. However there are also a whole row of different scenery to be met with and places to visit which are stunning not only to the eye, but also to the senses.

Taking a walking tour, alone or with friends around the island will no doubt be an experience to treasure, and in this at some points there will be a great gravitation to walk along the seaside, of course the coastline of the island varies, however the variation and the view means simply that no matter where you walk, with the great vastness of the sea next to you, there is a continuous stream of new and a feeling of humbleness, to the sea, to the land and to the planet.

“There is plenty reason for anyone who loves nature to visit, and for anyone who loves walking to ensure that a long stroll along the beautiful beaches here are not only seen, but experienced. There are many places as the Little Island where Waterford Castle is situation, yet there is no other which is the same, the uniqueness and the awe can only be felt in being present, so if you have a chance to have this wonderful experience, be certain to take it.” Simon, Locksmith Harrow, visited on a leisure break.

The castle and the area in the present

green ireland and the wonderful waterford castleIn the present time of the little Island and the Waterford Castle there is and has been modern development taking place. This is something which in many cases have been negative for places of cultural value around the country and globe, however in this case it has been a very positive one. This due to the fact that the development taking place is very minimalistic, and to ensure that the history of the place is kept intact, in the current there are only a few lodges and holiday homes which have been put in place. A couple of years back the world famous golf course was built on the land, and running though one of the most beautiful sceneries to ever have a course run through it, investors are keen to keep it this way. The course it self attracts world class golfers as well as have held a row of high standard world tournaments.

Of course if you are interested in the experience of either the course which is known for its challenging build, having been created by a former champion and not made easy, or if you want to experience the beautiful natural scenery of the wide spanning landscapes, or both, you can of course visit the little island. Luxury accommodation is available if you are in the higher pay scales or of hereditary financial privilege, but there are also other opportunities to visit the island if you are of a different background.

No matter of your situation, if you have an opportunity to visit this culturally rich, and historically famous grounds, there are only good reasons to, and with the green landscapes and a richness without a like you are sure to find an experience to last you for life here.

Visit it now before the chance is forever gone

green ireland and the waterford castleWith the world rapidly changing many historically priceless sights are disappearing all across the globe. Though natural changes, though development and progress, or just due to being forgotten. Although the Waterford Castle on the Little Island is currently being well preserved by private investors, and respect is held for the land which is of a cultural heritage which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s still a good idea to ensure that you visit this most special of places whilst there is still a chance to see, smell and experience it. The green island is one of few places with instils you with the mysteries of its history be a mare visit. If you are an admirer of nature, and someone who appreciates history, the Waterford castle standing today is a vestige of a fine time where closeness was felt to the land. And if you visit today you can feel this closeness.

Of course the wildlife is also without a like, and with birdwatching of a very special and original kind, just as the trekking possibilities for those with strong legs are amazing. If you are more of a player type, there is also the opportunity to get stuck into a game of golf on a course made world famous by it’s challenging nature, and its wonderful scenery. Running though a large part of the island the views and pastures experienced with this golf round will surely be an experience to remember.
So ensure that you take the chance whilst it’s still there, and visit the little island and the historical and magnificent Waterford castle whilst it’s still there and still stands.

What’s so special about this place

wide green pastures irelandThere is only one way to truly find out what makes a place special, the experience of having been there. And in this endeavour, should it be one of yours, we also know that it always helps with a little bit of guidance. If one travels to a place and expects everything to happen without effort or without giving it your attention you may come home disappointed. However, with an island like this the before mentioned is very unlikely to happen. There is a very special and spectacular air, smell, view which all work as a multi sensory canvas to fill your mind.

It’s been said that visiting this island, experiencing this island is not something that is pushed on to you, but more gently washes over your senses. The tip that we would like to provide you with before you are on your way there to see for yourself, is simply to allow it time, there is no rush when you land in a space with the historical and the natural external impressions which you will consciously and unconsciously take.

Another things which we would recommend is to ensure that you keep attention, not so much to the clock, or to what you are searching for, but to everything which this rich place has to offer. And rich it is, in wild life, in colour and nuance, in scents, sounds and much more. It’s been said to have the ability to transfer wisdom, not though words or in ways understandable to our mind, yet many have described feelings of fulfilment and satisfaction, and of course also a bit of sadness upon their departure after their stay. Of course the words and description of others can only motivate you to experience it for yourself, but will never be enough to transfer the timelessness which is yet to be found here.