The original Fitzgerald castle was probably a tower-house or fortified house and was described as a square building with battlements erected in the 16th century, with a pointed doorway and a window flanked by a stone head.[1] The branch of the Fitzgerald family that owned Waterford Castle were the descendants of Patrick Fitzgerald, son of the de jure 6th Earl of Kildare.[2]

Current house
The current castle is a Gothic-style house built in 1895 for Gerald Purcell-Fitzgerald (1865-1946)[3] which incorporates the fabric of an earlier (pre-1845) house, and parts of the medieval (pre-1645) tower-house. The designs were prepared by Romayne Walker and supervised by Albert Murrary (1849 – 1924). The construction is in unrefined rubble stone with fine cut-stone quoins and window frames and topped with Irish-style battlements.[4]

This castle is a house with a long story in an island ironically known as the little Island in Ireland. The Fitzgerald family was owned for hundreds of years and was passed down for several generations, however in the 1980 it was purchased by a developers and turned into a hotel. The house itself is in a beautiful Gothic style and the new build was made in 1895, which replaced the older run down family home. The design of the lastly built house was designed by Romayne Walker and the construction is mainly in unrefined rubble stone with a great Irish style. The castle is well known and an old key was found with its beautiful look and feeling it keeps a great ambiance and remains culturally valuable despite the commercial use it came to exist under.

The Fitzgerald Waterford Castle

Welcome to Waterford Castle

This castle is a house with a long story in an island ironically known as the little Island in Ireland. The Fitzgerald family was owned for hundreds of years and was passed down for several generations, however in the 1980 it was purchased by a developers and turned into a hotel. The house itself is in a beautiful Gothic style and the new build was made in 1895, which replaced the older run down family home. The design of the lastly built house was designed by Romayne Walker and the construction is mainly in unrefined rubble stone with a great Irish style. The castle is well known and an old key was found with its beautiful look and feeling it keeps a great ambiance and remains culturally valuable despite the commercial use it came to exist under.

the fitzgerald waterford castle

Waterford – A Historic Place

Waterford is placed on the southeastern region of Ireland and it carries a lot of heritage and history. Discovered in the early 900s A.D with some of the original buildings still in tact.

What is there to do in Waterford? Well there’s always things to do in Irelands oldest city “where Ireland begins”. Why not take yourself on an adventure down the Waterford Greenery? 46 kilometers of off road trails along the old un used railway line that went from Waterford and Dungarvan. Enjoy stunning scenery as you explore on foot or cycling through this truly magical place. Or why not visit the Viking Triangle? Based in Waterford city the Viking Triangle is filled with interesting shops and architecture. With over a 1000 years of history take your family on a ride through the ages they’ll never forget. Other attractions include the beautiful seaside and the Ardmore Cliff Walk and multiple museums for you to lose yourself in. Wateford truly is a beautiful place and not to be missed. Looking for natural and untouched beauty? Look no further than Waterford, Irelands oldest city. With an excellent night life filled with live music and fantastic pubs, enjoy a Guinness stout and take in the fresh Waterford air at one of the many pubs across all areas of the city. The little island in Ireland is home to Waterford Castle and definitely worth a visit even if you’re not staying in the hotel, the beautiful golf club with it’s rolling hills and the smell of freshly cut grass will make you want to move your stuff here and stay, truly a magical place Waterford Castle and Waterford City.

The riches of an untouched landscape

For the most beautiful natural scenery, and to experience being close to the land, the little island is indeed a place to visit. There are few areas in the world today untouched by modern society, and the grounds which the historical castle is situated is most definitely one of these. Untouched by the modern development, with the exception of a few luxury cabins and a golf course, the riches of the land lay silent and untouched. Finding yourself on these rich green fields, or in their brushes is a privilege of the dearest kind, and here you will be able to hear the land speak.

waterford castle green landscapes and historical land

The air of the little island is inhabited with the scent of earth and greenery, such as can only be found in naturally rich ecosystems which have been left to develop alongside our modern life, without being ruined by it.

Living in one of the cabins developed by private investors if you are a golfer will allow you to travel though the course across the over three hundred acres of natural greenery whilst enjoying the activity of the game. But there are of course also opportunities to do trekking, bird watching and many other things in which you can experience nature and scenery specific to the island.

Golf and competition

join us on the courseA question with a very subjective answer of course, and what the team have reached here is also under the subject of subjectivity, however. There are a few factors across the board which seem to fit all who have found this sport as a saviour, as a hobby, as a mistress and as a passion.

It’s no secret that we as humans love challenges and competitions, you can just look around and see all the competitive sports, the competitive careers, the competitive market, you can even look backwards to discover a history of competitive behaviour. Is this due to our survival instincts then, survival of the fittest, this need to win or be better.

What the team here believes that although we love to compete, what we also find, which is much more valuable, especially in activities and games such as golf is the comradely and exercise we get. It’s no secret that it’s good for both your mental and physical well-being to keep a plenty of exercise as part of your health regime. And with covering several miles of walking, outdoors with fresh air and friends, golf is no doubt one of the best ways to do it.

So, we as golf lovers would recommend that you dust of those old clubs in your closet, get your shades out, and go have a game, perhaps at your local course, or why not visit one of the most rewarding places to engage with the sport in on the globe. Sposor: When you need plumbers Bristol to get the plumbing job done right then make sure you get the leak, pipe and drain experts. Thanks guys!  It’s right here at home as well, or as close as, the little Island and Waterford Castle harbours one of the most stunning landscapes for a game of golf, and with the natural scenery in mind when it was designed and developed you have much of the original feeling of the surrounding woodlands.

It’s highly recommended for anyone with a bit of spare time and enough money in the bank, of course you are not very many, pools of wealth held by individuals or families are bound to spread it thin elsewhere, and with an expanding population things are going down hill for the rest. But in this lifetime, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying it to the fullest.

Savouring the landscape in a beautiful scenario

The beautiful way you arriveIn today’s fast paced world it’s sometimes difficult to find a break, which the team here sees as a major cause of stress. We need to make sure that we get enough rest and tranquillity in our lives to stay smart, and not make foolish decisions and act ill towards those we love, or anyone else for that matter. A place where you can most definitely find the right type or spirit to meditate, to think, to exercise and to give yourself some of that well deserved time to you, is the little island.

Here you are faced with some of the most beautiful landscapes as well as some of the grandest architecture you can find. With investors keeping the area natural so that you can enjoy it more. It does take a little bit of investment to holiday in such a place, but if you have a large amount of spare, then fine dining and golf is on the daily schedule. When you arrive you’ll instantly be filled with the great atmosphere that the island holds, calm and eternal. If you at some point have enough of that there are good facilities for entertainment, spa treatments and massages to help you relax with the aid of company. If you have questions for the team here, feel free to get in touch.

The Fresh and Moist air of the little Island

Fresh air for the familyEndowed with one of the most beautiful and astounding castles which still stand today, there are few little islands in the world with the type of originality and uniqueness that you find here. A simple, easy, and pleasant ferry trip to arrive, conveniently to your final destination. One that the team here cannot speak well enough of.

In short, there are no words which can describe the feeling that your soul, your mind and your heart will be installed with should you have the time and resources to visit this oyster of the world. The finest of dining can be found in this finest of castle, at the time of your choosing and with the dietary requirements of your choice at the main estate where you can also take up residence for the night, week, week end or longer. There is also availability to spend time further away from the main building, and along the vast and world famous golf course which will challenge the most adroit of players there are places where you can set up for the night. This may be perfect if you have a family, if you are lovers, or if you just need some peace, quiet and rest away from the noise of the at times stressful city life. We would visit again and again, and with each visit we would find something new that we would highly enjoy, which would lead us to return even further. Enough is not a concept in existence, and only the restriction of time would keep us from spending all our lives there. Get in touch with us if you would like more information if there is anything that you are wondering about.

The long discussion of the sport, a view from the individual

most definitly a sportThere are many discussions on the topic whether or not golf is a sport, if you are someone who wouldn’t say it is, then perhaps you should visit the wonderful wide field at a little island of beauty, and of something that is most definitely a sport. Going around the challenging course which the private investors have made both challenging and beautiful, you will no doubt tire yourself out in a day. The area covered is large and the average golfers basic levels of fitness are significantly higher than that of the one who does not do any exercise at all. In addition, the need for skill, precision, practice, training and presence of mind is in golf as it is in any other sport. To be of the top level you have to put in a lifetime of practice. Although it can easily be called a sophisticated and intellectual activity, there is nothing to say that something great for the mind can’t be called a sport.

In either case, whatever your take on the question is the team encourages you to book those ferry tickets today and ensure that you get to experience a wonderful weekend, week or long stay holiday away from your regular day. With greenery everywhere and one of the most amazing and challenging courses in the world of golf today, you will no doubt find that you are both satisfied with the visit and your mind convinced. The athletic requirements to be able to take on the little islands course are high, and you should know what you are getting yourself into. This is no space for beginners, and this is no space for the faint hearted, here the game is real, the challenge is top notch, and the rewards and benefits of it all will no doubt be felt by you should you go ahead with your booking now.

When does a house become a castle?

house or castleThis vague question is a funny one which we here would like to bring you, and hope that you also will enjoy your own contemplations on the subject.

So what is really the difference between a house, or a mansion and a castle? Well there are a whole row of factors, and it’s not a science set in stone but to mention a few.

A house may have many rooms, but a castle tends to outweigh even the largest manor by a fair bit when it comes to the sheer size of them. Castle is from the Latin Castellum, and is defined as a fortified structure. One that in the past would act as a strong hold defending (or attacking, depending on the castle head), the surrounding green land and farms.

In being fortified, the castle will be of a sturdy and massive build, this was so that it would stand attacks, fending off any enemy there to take over the land. Some castles are walled in, and some of the greater castles also have adjacent villages.

Going away again from the more technical side of things, and wishing to share one of the best definitions we found of a castle when we were researching the subject.

Something which will be true in almost all cases. You will be able to fit a house inside a castle, but you’ll not manage the other way around.

Our favourite castle is situated on the little island, and with its grand design and well preserved halls, even today you can go and visit, inhibit and enjoy the landscape whilst you are there. If you have questions or comments with regards to this article or anything else on the page, please let us know. You can find our contact details on the page with the corresponding name, we hope you enjoyed our little question and look forward to hearing from you.

Get to know a place worth knowing

trees on a golf courseBy taking a trip to the little Island you will come into contact with something thought dead by many, namely that of spirit. Even if the team here are not particularly religious there is something about a larger image, there is too much vastness out there to deny that there is something larger out there. To find out how you can get your journey booked feel free to scroll down and read our tips with regards to loosen up and letting yourself have a good time for additional inspiration.

What is important to note here is that of course what a good time is comprised of changes from person to person and at the Castle there are things which suit all types and all ages. For the family, for the individual, for the sport. Oh yes, there is sport as well, and after docking at the idyllic harbour you will soon come into range of the magnificent golf course which is the pride of the Island, next to of course the large Castle, which you can not only visit and see, but experience in the form of wonderful evenings full of fine dining, great company and often music of some sort. There is also a special events schedule, and if you get in touch with the team here we can help you find what’s on there which suits your personality and your desires.

Make sure to book your trip today if you are of the more fortunate classes and have a significant amount of resources and money. The fine dining at the castle is for a select few who though fortune and family ended up with such wonderful opportunities removed from the vast majority of the population.  Other sponsors include https://locksmiths-of-bristol.co.uk/ There are plenty of reasons to feel good about yourself, especially if you are rich, it doesn’t matter how you came into your fortune, no one cares, as long as you have it, use it, book your ticket now.

A golf course without like on this planet

Although it may not be conjoint with the ideals of all those who have interest in the land on the little Island, one of the most famous and well known features to crown the space is the world famous golf course. Available to golf enthusiasts, especially the successful and the lucky ones, the course can be enjoyed as part of a holiday, or resort. What is worth bringing up is although private development stood for the building of the course, great respect has been payed to ensure that the sanctity of the land has been kept, and with great effort disturbance to the historical landscape has been left as untouched by modern development as possible.

waterford castle world famous golf courseOver 300 acers of beautiful green landscape and wildlife is covered, and if you are a golfer looking to play here, you will no doubt have the experience of a lifetime. With its unique geographical position the warm and humid climate has given rise to a vast landscape covering all shades of green, and inclusive of a great diversity of life. Many ornithologists and bird watches treat the land here as a paradise of richness. And of course with good reason, the sights and spices of wing baring animals that can be found and observed here are numerous and of great variety.

No matter if you are a golf enthusiast, a fascinated bird spotter or just someone who loves nature and hiking, the little Island and Waterford castle is definitely one for the bucket list. The rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery will no doubt take your breath away should you take your opportunity to visit.

The wonderful beach of the Little Island

the little island beach and waterford castleThere are many features of the Little Island which can only be known though experience, and of course one can see pictures and images, however they fall a great distance short in comparison with the real thing.

There are smells, winds, views, sensations and of course the long history of the place which can only be felt when one is present in the flesh. Often we speak about the great green pastures of Ireland, and often there are great and wonderful worlds about the castles, of course including the Waterford Castle which is one of the greatest still standing. However there are also a whole row of different scenery to be met with and places to visit which are stunning not only to the eye, but also to the senses.

Taking a walking tour, alone or with friends around the island will no doubt be an experience to treasure, and in this at some points there will be a great gravitation to walk along the seaside, of course the coastline of the island varies, however the variation and the view means simply that no matter where you walk, with the great vastness of the sea next to you, there is a continuous stream of new and a feeling of humbleness, to the sea, to the land and to the planet.

“There is plenty reason for anyone who loves nature to visit, and for anyone who loves walking to ensure that a long stroll along the beautiful beaches here are not only seen, but experienced.

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With stresses such as these present, that key point is to recharge. Do it here, like the security professionals do it. Contact us via the contact page to get your questions seen to, and understand how you can gain the same key relaxation that the specialist lock experts get.

There are many places as the Little Island where Waterford Castle is situation, yet there is no other which is the same, the uniqueness and the awe can only be felt in being present, so if you have a chance to have this wonderful key experience, be certain to take it.” Simon, master lock and key visited on a leisure break.

Some time away near the beach will serve as a great breath of fresh air for the persons who need it the most. Keep your mind calm and help yourself secure your head against stress. The serenity of a beach will secure your best and most attentive mind when you return.

Return safe and secure, as lock masters do, as business men and women do. Treat yourself to green pastures and great holidays by picking this wonderful destination for all your holiday and relaxation need.

An Irish castle like no other

By now, everyone in Ireland and the UK has heard of the famous castle here in Waterford. Making the short trip across from the mainland via ferry, you drive up to the castle before being taken aback by this magnificent structure. Inside the magic doesn’t end, with luxury suites to accompany a fantastic golfing resort of our dreams. There are well marked paths on the island to take you around this magical getaway and allows you to immerse yourself on a truly historic voyage and exploration of Ireland.

But what of the other great Irish castles? Waterford Castle is one of many that inhabitants of the green isle or visitors from abroad can visit while in Ireland. Of course one of the most famous castles is surely Blarney Castle where you can kiss the Blarney Stone! Located about 5 miles outside of Cork, according to legend, kissing the stone endows the kisser with the gift of the gab. Something which could be very useful to anyone working in sales or the trades! The stone was set into the tower in 1446, making this a truly historic visit to make. But if it’s beauty you’re after, then it’s probably Malahide Castle which should take your fancy. Located close to the fair city of Dublin, the impeccably restored castle has an adjoining park and playground so the little ones can keep entertained as you immerse yourself in this bedrock of Irish culture. Unfortunately though, while these castles are all great attractions for the visitors to the great Irish shores, they do not offer the greatness of Waterford Castle. Where else in Ireland could you have a private island and stay in an historic castle? The answer is nowhere else! So why hesitate? Come visit the great Little Island today and let your friends and family know the nobility you now deserve having spent time living and eating in a true castle.

Well known structures which live up to the great Castle on the little island

the beautiful edinburgh structureIf a choice had to be made, or a prize had to be given for the best castle to visit, the Waterford estate is no doubt in the running for it. There are of course other more famous castles around, and visiting something such as Edinburgh castle and enjoying the greatness of others like it is of course something that is recommended.

Seeing a range of different places is always educating and enriching. However, with the more commercially famous castles on the British Isles having huge amounts of tourist traffic most times of the year it can also be a less than relaxing stay. Visiting the tower of London, strolling at Dover castle, or experiencing the majestic sites of Arundel Castle are all things which we greatly recommend, however if you are searching for something truly special, an experience that will stay with you for year and years, as well as find some peace to learn, relax, rejuvenate and much more, our strongest suggestion and contender for the most valuable and important place to ensure a visit to. Is of course the Fitzgerald estate, which his wonderfully kept restored and at high class. Here you can also enjoy golf, long walks and many other things.

For cultural history choosing a castle destination which is less crowded, built with ingenuity and great taste, as well as privately owned and kept in the best possible way, ensure you get this castle noted on your list of castles to visit as the explorer you are.

If you have questions you want to ask the team here, contact us at any time though the page with the same name and we’ll be back in touch as soon as possible. And feel free to let us know about your favourite Castle visit.

The castle and the area in the present

green ireland and the wonderful waterford castleIn the present time of the little Island and the Waterford Castle there is and has been modern development taking place. This is something which in many cases have been negative for places of cultural value around the country and globe, however in this case it has been a very positive one. This due to the fact that the development taking place is very minimalist, and to ensure that the history of the place is kept intact, in the current there are only a few lodges and holiday homes which have been put in place. A couple of years back the world famous golf course was built on the land, and running though one of the most beautiful sceneS to ever have a course run through it, investors are keen to keep it this way. The course it self attracts world class golfers as well as have held a row of high standard world tournaments.

Of course if you are interested in the experience of either the course which is known for its challenging build, having been created by a former champion and not made easy, or if you want to experience the beautiful natural scenery of the wide spanning landscapes, or both, you can of course visit the little island. Luxury accommodation is available if you are in the higher pay scales or of hereditary financial privilege, but there are also other opportunities to visit the island if you are of a different background.

No matter of your situation, if you have an opportunity to visit this culturally rich, and historically famous grounds, there are only good reasons to, and with the green landscapes and a richness without a like you are sure to find an experience to last you for life here.

A place of inspiration through the senses for the Artist

a great place for the artistWe have brought you a whole bundle of information with regards to the little island and the grand castle which still stands strong upon its ground. We have described the riches of the land, the beautiful scenery and the great history which can be felt in only when one is present here, in which many great lessons also can be found. Today we would like to bring some other wonderful points, speaking to you as a creative, a painter, a musician, an artist. We would like to let you know of the sensory stimulation, inspiration and activation which is experienced here regularly by others similar to you.

There is a wide variety of soundscapes in addition to the countless number of breath taking views and landscapes, making it a place suitable to visit for you as a musician, sound artist, painter or illustrator alike. Not only are you sure to find the inspiration you need, but there are also many places available for the practice of your creativity.

Regardless of what your domain is as a creative individual, there are things to explore here, but that doesn’t say it is the only thing you can explore here. If you are more of more of a golfer type you can enjoy the world famous course which runs the length of the island though the beautiful green hills, and if you are more of a scientific biology mind there is a whole world of wildlife just waiting to be observed. All individuals who visit this castle come away with something special, and we have yet to hear about anyone who was not extremely pleased with their choice to visit. So to you as an artist and a creative, as well as to everyone else, please ensure that this is on your list of geographical locations worthy of a visit when opportunity is given.

Experience the feeling of a different era

keep it stylish at the castleCome to one of the most wonderful placed there is to experience the awe of a different era. In the castle area there are many grandiose structures to walk among. Here you will feel the history seeping through the walls, walls built in a different time, yet filled with ingenuity and engineering wonder. The stones give the castle a smell of the water evaporating from them, mossy, green, full of history. A wonderful place to study, and preferred as a place of learning for many.

If you are a person of letters yourself, you may also enjoy such a scenery of inspiration which will meet you upon arriving. There are many opportunities for fine dining, and with food to cater for all palettes, there is little which can be left to be desired should you choose to visit. And the team here highly recommend that you do, daytime may be spent with the clubs on one of the most beautiful golf courses, cleared in the scenery which captures all the wonders of the Irish green.

At night you may enjoy the privacy and the sounds of nature from one of the many little cottages available. With wonderful events also occurring from time to time you will be able to enjoy that which takes your interest the most in a place which will give new meaning to the word castle for you.

If you have not yet been to visit, please ensure that you order your ticket and plan your stay in as soon as you get occasion to. This recommendation is something which you will appreciate taking on board should you ever do so, and if you would like to give us your thoughts on your stay, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at any time.

Perfect time to experience a one of a kind castle

summer is the best time to pay a visitHoliday plans are for the most part fun and engaging as you are thinking about times of relaxation and relief. However in stressful times, when your schedule is full it can surely feel more like a burden than a pleasure.

This is why we here would suggest that you choose this destination for your holiday. Not only is the time right to be able to get the most out of the outside life and experience available, but all inclusive holidays which can be planned at site in a fun way is available. What makes this choice even better, is if you are someone who enjoys nature, bird watching, walks and of course golf. As the famous course available here was built in preservation of the wildlife and the local ecology, so that you can enjoy a challenging game in the most beautiful of settings.

With many little cabins and other temporary homes in private locations where you can enjoy the sounds of nature at night and in the mornings, feel the serenity of being away from the stresses of your day to day life as well as have the freedom to make use of the day in the way that you feel like. A wonderful place to visit, everything from your departure from your home, to the return there is available in great all inclusive package deals.

So have a look, we guarantee you will not regret this as one of the best and most rewarding holidays you’ve experienced as of yet. As mentioned many times over, there is something highly unique and special about the little island, something highly worth ensuring an encounter with during your time on the planet.

Where does the green richness come from?

where does all the shades of green come fromThere is no doubt about it, the richest scape of shades of green can be found here if you come to visit, and in doing so you will also be able to part take in a little piece of history. In your own way and in your own time, and even in your own activity, if you are a golfing fan with a bit of spare disposable income on your hands, and a plan to get away from you day to day and learn something new.

As said by those who live there, those who have visited, and by those who enjoy regular stays there is one thing which has unison agreement. By baring witness to such colour, such awe and such presence of cultural history an experience without alike will be guaranteed. Recommended, well reputed and great on the eyes, choosing this destination for your next holiday or excursion will no doubt leave your mind in wonder and appreciation, as well as rejuvenate you to be able to handle all the things which most modern day lives demand of its experiencers.

Many have met with the greenery of the little island with the profoundest effect, and another testament to just how green this little patch of land is, you can have a look at Ireland though one of the many satellite images available online today, even here you can distinguish this lovely colour and have a sample of what is to come should you visit in the flesh. Visiting which of course is something that the editing team here highly recommends for all the best reasons.

Why we love the green pastures of the little Island

why we love the greenOf course we could bring up the point of originality, as if there are not a thousand unspoken treasures in the world in form of places. And with the history bestowed upon this place, the ambience holds lesson from ancient times, profundities which no language could communicate that must be experienced to be understood, yet never uttered. However, we will not go any deeper into that. Instead we will bring up what it is we like the most, and why.

The accessibility to visit such a place is high, and close to home the journey will not cost much, and with the modern facilities available on this island, there are several opportunities to find a perfect mix of what you like here. A relaxing holiday, without any expectations or must to do things to be fulfilled. You can simply come and relax, and enjoy the place in all its glory without having to expend too much energy.

Of course if you are after expending energy, long walks, bird watching, golf and other activities are available, and they are indeed of the grandest of their kind. A walk on this island by far beats the regular walk to work. The afternoon cup of tea in a serene historically and culturally rich place will install you with much more than the cuppa at home in your room.
The beautiful greenery and the rich life is made accessible and enjoyable by those who develop the land, who are not only interested in bringing people to this wonderful place, but also keep the value of the space by respecting the past and ensuring that all things are in order.

What time to visit?

what season to visit this wonderful islandIf you are planning time away, if you are wanting to visit something special which can be categorised, not only as a holiday to let you relax and enjoy the things you like to do. But also get the ability to experience something which is by many described as timeless and very close to the soul. Then it can be a good idea to give this destination some extra consideration. The castle itself is of the finest standards, and with architecture to take your breath away, you can but be in awe of the place if visited. The best seasons to visit the island is from early spring to late fall, as here you will experience the deepest shades of green all the way to the changing landscape and wildlife scenery with the seasons. The wintertime is of course also wonderful to visit, however it may prove slightly more difficult to enjoy some of what this wonderful place has to offer.
Never the less, there are some advantages with visiting during the quiet season, of course there is more space, and the peace to be found here during the wintertime is of no like, perhaps if you are not a golf fan and would only come to use the available luxury homes to relax and rejuvenate you winter may be just the right time for you. However if you are golfer, a wild life watcher, a hiker and like to spend much time outdoors perhaps it’s good to wait until the first spring flowers have erupted, and ensure that you visit has been and gone before the last leaf falls to the ground off the trees.

A thought to the importance of nature

keeping shades of green deepTo find one of the most serene and peaceful places on the planet, why not take yourself to the court of the little island’s castle. Here you, who have plenty can enjoy, in full all the luxuries which money can buy, including the leisure of a game of golf on a renowned course, one visited by pro’s and amateurs alike from across the globe.

There is a green in golf, which is why the team thought it would be a nice effort to place in thought, that of going green. As in living in a more sustainable way to ensure that there is a future on this planet, which is green, also for your children’s sake. If you don’t have children of your own, perhaps children of a friend or a sibling may help inspire you to take a route to a greener living. Not only is it something which will help restore health to the globe as a whole, but also something which will help you keep fit and healthy yourself.

In combination with a stroll across the grand golf course here you will be maximising the effects for your personal benefits, and whilst on your walk you can take it upon yourself to think about the sustainable living and your reasons for getting into it. You can of course also take this opportunity to share your ideas and views and projects with whomever it is that you hare playing your gentleman’s or gentlewoman’s game. In discussion and intention things get done, and it is vital that thoughts of nature and going green happens now, for all of us or the green pastures of this wonderful place is also at risk of disappearing soon.

Some of the best reviews you can find, with good reason

a good reputation for a reasonHaving a look around the internet for destinations around the isles and perhaps even in Europe we find many options and great reviews online for this particular place. And of course it is not without reason that a place grows to become loved and highly appreciated. It is for our team a clear indicator that this is a place worth visiting, and you be in a position where you have the opportunity to we recommend you take that chance.

Few places are so loved by their visitors as those scares places of strong history and connection with the land, and although in our current world the outlook to keep places such as this is looking increasingly more grim, there is still opportunity now. But don’t take our word for it, go and have a look around the net yourself, see how a visit to such an earthly and human place of history and richness will change your perspective on life. If you do go, and find yourself in agreement with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here and share your experience, your pictures and what you think.

If you are someone who likes to write reviews yourself, if you like to blog, or if there is something which you simply have feedback for us on with regards to the webpage, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We look though our mailbox often, and are always glad when we hear from you!

Visit it now before the chance is forever gone

green ireland and the waterford castleWith the world rapidly changing many historically priceless sights are disappearing all across the globe. Though natural changes, though development and progress, or just due to being forgotten. Although the Waterford Castle on the Little Island is currently being well preserved by private investors, and respect is held for the land which is of a cultural heritage which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It’s still a good idea to ensure that you visit this most special of places whilst there is still a chance to see, smell and experience it. The green island is one of few places with instills you with the mysteries of its history be a mare visit. If you are an admirer of nature, and someone who appreciates history, the Waterford castle standing today is a vestige of a fine time where closeness was felt to the land. And if you visit today you can feel this closeness.

Of course the wildlife is also without a like, and with bird watching of a very special and original kind, just as the trekking possibilities for those with strong legs are amazing. If you are more of a player type, there is also the opportunity to get stuck into a game of golf on a course made world famous by it’s challenging nature, and its wonderful scenery. Running though a large part of the island the views and pastures experienced with this golf round will surely be an experience to remember.
So ensure that you take the chance whilst it’s still there, and visit the little island and the historical and magnificent Waterford castle whilst it’s still there and still stands.

Interesting origins; Another reason to meet with the wonderful inhabitants of the little island

great and wonderful people to meetIn stone age times Ireland was inhabited by the first settlers which were to remain there and make the founding base of a very specific gene pool. The first settlements happen some ten thousand years ago and there are still standing history of their settlements across the country. The questions researches have asked themselves for long to where these settlers came from. There are vast assumptions that the Irish are of Celtic origin, something supported by history lessons in schools and so forth even today. However, recent research into the DNA of Irish inhabitants have shown that they are not derived from the Keltoi, which were believed to have migrated from central Europe 1500 years ago, but instead shows the closest genetic match to be found is from the north of Spain.

The remote location and isolation of being an Island have then not been subject to the change which many other less isolated gene pool have seen. In other words, the Irish gene pool have been passed down, generation by generation for thousands of years, something which is special, particular, and teaches us a lot about the development and evolution of human genetics.

To visit Ireland today, you will also meet with this interesting fact in the flesh, and should you decide to spend any length of time there and if you have an interest in the field of genetics, anthropology, culture and history you are sure to find many lessons which don’t exist anywhere else in the world.

Visiting a grand castle which has been preserved and having a little taste of what life would have been like back then is something that the team here considers a good experience for anyone to go though, and if you have the time and resources to visit the little island and Waterford Castle, it is our warmest recommendation that you take that chance.

What’s so special about this place

wide green pastures irelandThere is only one way to truly find out what makes a place special, the experience of having been there. And in this endeavour, should it be one of yours, we also know that it always helps with a little bit of guidance. If one travels to a place and expects everything to happen without effort or without giving it your attention you may come home disappointed. However, with an island like this the before mentioned is very unlikely to happen. There is a very special and spectacular air, smell, view which all work as a multi sensory canvas to fill your mind.

To be able to see and fully lock in the mindframe of this green place you simply have to visit. It’s simply something which must be experienced. To secure your mind in the right way, to understand what a place is all about, is to live it. Is to visit and experience it. Just as Richard, who visited with work for a conference. Who after the experience carried on, returning, again and again for the many benefits he secured on his visit.

It’s been said that visiting this island, experiencing this island is not something that is pushed on to you, but more gently washes over your senses. “The tip that we would like to provide you with before you are on your way there to see for yourself, is simply to allow it time, there is no rush when you land in a space with the historical and the natural external impressions which you will consciously and unconsciously take.”

In his day to day Richard is an alarm and security specialist. And for him the daily life is all locks, keys and security. Being a practical man himself, he was sceptical to the rejuvenating spirit of the wonderful castle grounds. But after him and his fellowship of great lock and security providers had started their stay. He was fully converted. Moreover, he conveyed to us how great the stay was and how great he felt.

Another things which we would recommend is to ensure that you keep attention, not so much to the clock, or to what you are searching for, but to everything which this rich place has to offer. And rich it is, in wild life, in colour and nuance, in scents, sounds and much more. It’s been said to have the ability to transfer wisdom, not though words or in ways understandable to our mind, yet many have described feelings of fulfillment and satisfaction, and of course also a bit of sadness upon their departure after their stay. Of course the words and description of others can only motivate you to experience it for yourself, but will never be enough to transfer the timelessness which is yet to be found here.

The end of the rainy season!

sunshine though treesSoon the wet, damp and cold winter will be over, and perhaps you like many of the spring flowers and birds feel hungry for escaping your nice comfortable home for a bit of adventure. If this is close to your current lines of thought, please take a moment to look around this webpage where you will find information about one of the most wonderful places in Europe. Green, fresh, beautiful and of course now with spring coming, in waking up is a whole range of different type of life. The sea, the greenery, and of course the people who you find in the area which is also springing to life with the season carrying the same name.
Perhaps proclaiming the end of the rainy season is a bit too optimistic, but the biting cold is subduing, and for the days in which it may still be wind and rain there are plenty of places to get warm and comfortable in newly developed areas around the island. If you are new to the place there is little which beats the beautiful castle full of history and instilled with the wisdom of the land. It may be colourful wording, but if you visit you will sure come to see that words are not even close to matching the in life, in depth richness that this place holds.
Culturally and historically significant, preserved in the present, and right there for you to visit and experience, ensure that you take the chance to go to the little island when it next comes around, it will be worth your time and you will not regret it.